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Know a little more about my art

In these next blogs, I´m going to be talking about some paint techniques on reborns!
Materials we are needing!
1.Vinyl kit 2.Cloth body  3.Quality Mohair 4.Silicone baby fat 5.Plugs and rings 6.Eyes 7.Lashes 8.Paint tools and art stuff

After we have everything organized, carefully from the inside we have to make a cut to open the eyes of our reborn vinyl.
Getting our reborn prepared!
In order to start painting our reborn, we need to wash the kit very well, for this we´ll be needing:
•Clean base  •Dish detergent •Rubbing alcohol •Clean sponge •New baby toothbrush 
We fill up with water the clean base and we pour some dish detergent till we get soapy water, and we start washing our vinyl kit with our clean sponge and the we use the toothbrush for the creases. The next step is with another sponge clean the parts with rubbing alcohol, is very important to get the dirt and the grease of the doll and for that we need to use gloves.


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